Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Working With Thrusters on the Flybar 800

How Many Thrusters to Engage?

Your Flybar 800 is equipped with twelve thrusters—the rubber rods anchored to the lower mount. The top end of each thruster is designed to be hooked —or “engaged”—onto the upper mount in order to power the Flybar 800. By choosing how many thrusters to engage, you determine the force of the Flybar bounce. Note: For safety reasons, always use your Flybar with at least four thrusters engaged.

We recommend you start by engaging one thrusters per twenty pounds of weight (i.e. if you weigh 160 lbs., engage eight out of the 12 thrusters ) anything more you can move up to the flybar 1200 model. If you engage too many thrusters for your weight/ability, you’ll encounter too much resistance. If you engage too few, you’ll be able to “bottom out” (i.e. push the foot pegs to the ground) without even tapping your full strength. Either way, your bounce height will suffer. The ideal setting should allow you to nearly bottom out while jumping with your full strength. Check out the actual mechanics here on "How Stuff Works"

How to Engage and Disengage Thrusters
When the T-shaped hanger at the top of a thruster has been hooked into its cradle in the upper mount, the thruster is “engaged.” Otherwise, the thruster hangs slack. Engaging and disengaging thrusters is relatively simple, but it may take some practice to get these manoeuvres down. To engage a thruster: (1) Insert the end of the Flybar Tool marked “B” in the hanger’s access slot. The tool functions as a hook. (2) Using the tool, lift the hanger up and over the cradle sill in the upper mount. (3) Then lower the hanger into the cradle, and (4) withdraw the tool.
To disengage a thruster: Perform steps 1-4 of Engaging/Disengaging Thrusters in reverse order. Insert the “B” end of the Flybar Tool into the hanger’s slot. Lift the hanger up and out of the cradle, then let the thruster slacken, and withdraw the tool.

Note: Special slots in the Flybar 800’s shell allow experienced users to engage and disengage thrusters even when the shell is in place. At first, however, you’ll want to perform the operation with the shell off. If you want to check out more visit this flybar site.

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